3 Steps to Identify the New Disney Anti-Counterfeit Label

3 Steps to Identify the New Disney Anti-Counterfeit Label

I don't know if you've noticed, but the security labels on Disney merchandise have been revamped. I have searched the official Disney website but I have not seen any publicly available anti-counterfeit identification methods, so based on my years of experience in anti-counterfeit printing, I have compiled a few easy-to-identify features for you. Whether you are a group buyer or a retailer, remember to take a look and check them out to protect your rights.

Step 1: Identify the holographic counterfeit label

Due to the technical threshold of holographic labels, after several decades, nowadays "holographic label = genuine authorization" is basically still valid.

This version of the hologram label has the Disney logo embossed in the middle, a cluster of gobos with complex lines in the background, and a hologram lens effect behind the cluster of gobo. The following indicates that this product is authorized by the following brands: Disney/Pixar/Marvel/Star Wars/National Geographic/20th Century Fox.

Remember what a licensed label looks like, don't just accept it when you see a shiny sticker!

3 Steps to Identify the New Disney Anti-Counterfeit Label

Step 2: The "D" floats in a circular area in the top left corner.

There is a circular area in the top left corner of the label. Rotate the label to see the "D" floating in the circular area, which is also a holographic technique, but requires high-end equipment to do so.

Step 3: The gold-powder flowing effect in the Mickey logo on the upper right corner.

Rotate the label at different angles to see the 'up and down' effect of the gold powder on the Mickey logo, and you can touch and feel the slight embossing of the Mickey, which is a result from its secondary printing process. A special magnetic ink is used in this printing process, which is not only complicated but also extremely costly for its ink, and its anti-counterfeit effect is extraordinarily good!