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Learning is our sustainable policy

We take developing a learning organization as our business policy and face governance, the environment and society with a learning attitude.


Founder’s Message

In the early morning, the air is fresh, and the view is clear.

During the day, a cool breeze under the trees and the pleasant chirping of cicadas.

In the evening, a sky full of stars and the playful antics of catching fireflies.

In the quiet of the night, a serene pathway and an elevated view of the night scene;

Such harmony and tranquility with the environment, merging with the heavens and the earth.


That was the place where I grew up during my childhood, A small settlement on the slopes of Bagua Mountain.


Such beauty faded as I headed north for education and subsequently entered service and work; amidst the concrete jungle, everything changed. Tall buildings, cars, traffic lights, straight and gray roads, with the sun glaring above and hurried pedestrians below; I felt like a lone leaf, a floating duckweed adrift in the vast and endless sea.... Learning and working diligently became the sole focus of life, and the connections between people and everything around became distant and difficult to reach...

I thought life was meant to be this way, that what's lost will never return; little did I know, life is full of twists and turns, and change is the only constant!


Upon encountering Peter Senge's Fifth Discipline, I came to understand: an organization can be alive, constantly changing and integrating with the broader environment. Employees can grow together, much like a family, sharing joys and sorrows. Work can be joyful, problems solved together, and processes continuously refined. Shareholders, employees, suppliers, and even customers are all part of a unified entity, mutual beneficiaries of profits; what an inspiring atmosphere that is! However, looking at many companies and organizations that I have come into contact with, I have yet to find a learning organization! Becoming a Tzu Chi volunteer, obtaining the certification of Tzu Cheng, made me realize that although individual efforts may not reverse the changes in the environment, everyone can contribute a small and humble effort for others, for oneself, and for the environment. And the vast mission of the Tzu Chi Foundation actually originated from the daily five cents contributed by 30 women; could the collective modest efforts of individuals truly achieve greatness?

Establishing a company was never my aspiration, but when the opportunity came, during a moment of contemplation, I remembered that this could be an opportunity to build a learning organization and guide the self-learning of colleagues to achieve the company's operations. Holo Solution Inc. was founded in 2002 and moved to its current location to build a factory in 2007. Two-thirds of the green space was preserved, with a focus on environmental harmony. After more than a decade of hard work, we finally began to see profits.

ESG is a new term but is the goal that Holo Solution Inc. sought to pursue at its inception; knowledgeable individuals have textualized and codified ESG, helping clarify our goals. It is hoped that this will be an opportunity for our corporate culture to be more deeply etched into our hearts and minds and be extended to a broader audience.


Paul Huang, Founder of Holo Solution Inc.

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