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OBASSO security store

Please note that the currency used on this site is U.S. dollars.

Product introduction

The eggshell paper is made of fragile material which can easily be broken by piercing with a screw driver. It would break into pieces and there is no way to put it back the way it was before it had been torn. It is therefore ideal for attaching onto the screw hole or applying on sealing area to avoid warranty issues.

Product Features:

  • Exclusive molding created by original manufacturer that market uniqueness can be guaranteed.
  • Applicable for sealing areas or screw holes, break easily while tearing off, ideally made as tamper-evident seal.
  • Smaller amounts are suitable too for white-logo customized printing.

QC Pass | Fragile Warranty Label | Electronic Screw Sealing

  • Product Specifications

    • 100 pieces a pack, and the side materials will be kept unscarred
    • Size: 12mm
    • Laser film color: silver
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