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OBASSO security store

Please note that the currency used on this site is U.S. dollars.

Product Features:

  • Before copy, on the original document, we can see text and background line in light green color. It applies light color text (GENUINE SECURITY) and security background line design to make it anti counterfeit, and hides micro texts in, that is not only creates quality textures with authority, the redrawing process also make it difficult to forge.

  • On the duplicate, the light color text and micro text disappear, but hidden text of “SECURITY DUPLICATE” appears.



Anti Copy Paper, Security A4 Copy Paper, Contract Paper, No.4, 500 sheet

  • Product Specifications

    • Light color text

    • Micro text

    • Hidden text in the background line appears on the duplicate

    • A4(210*297mm)

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