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OBASSO security store

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Product introduction

In a venue where photography is forbidden, implementation of photography restrictions is extremely difficult. There is no doubt that to put the mobile phones and cameras together for temporary custody is one solution, but that could appear offensive to the guests. If we attach the “No Photography” sticker to the lens, it can block the lens and prevent it from making photo shots. In case such sticker has been torn off under a forbidden manner, it will leave traces of damages, so that concerns about unexpected unsealing can be eliminated. Since no residual glue will be left to damage the lens surface, it is deemed the most appropriate and convenient solution to implement photography restrictions.


Product Features:

  • Stick to the lens of the mobile phone to prevent photography and sneak shots. It can be used in exhibition venues, factory tours, admission control and other scenarios.
  • After the sticker is torn off, traces of damage will be left on the glue surface. If it is attached to a neat and smooth surface, the entire mark of “VOID OPEN”will appear when it is torn.

  • The mark of “VOID OPEN”will not be transformed or left on the mobile phone, and it will not damage the lens.

“No Photography” Security Stickers【100 Pieces】【Double-Sided Encapsulation】

  • Product Specifications

    • 100 Small Pieces in One Pack

    • Size -170x15mm
      Color: Black Words and White Background / Black Words and Yellow Background

    • Style: NO PHOTO, Photography is prohibited.

    • Words Displayed After Tearing Off: VOID OPEN

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