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Hologram Nameplate Sticker

By combining with printing, the hologram textures are able to express low-key but high-quality effects on plastic surfaces. The textures are looming, not very eye-catching, but they can achieve the benefits of anti-counterfeiting and anti-fake at the same time.


Carbon Fiber hologram Texture

Laser holographic technology can simulate extremely realistic material textures similar to carbon fiber, hairline, sandblasting processes.

Hologram Nameplate Sticker


Hologram Nameplate with hidden pattern.

The hologram patterns created on transparent materials look looming that they can be made into highly anti-counterfeiting nameplates together with manipulated pattern designs.

Hologram Nameplate Sticker


Lens Effect of Laser Nameplate

Using holographic technology to create a 3D lens effect on a flat nameplate.

Hologram Nameplate Sticker


Pre-programmed data processing

Pre-programmed data such as serial numbers, sequence numbers, random numbers can be made on the hologram nameplates for tracking the goods’ whereabouts, anti-counterfeiting and identification.。

Hologram Nameplate Sticker

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