Auspicious Stickers | Gold Foil Embossing Texture

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The gold foil embossed auspicious stickers are attached to personal belongings such as mobile phones, pens, card holders, purses, etc. after being smudged by the temples, and they symbolize well-being and affluence.

Gold foil embossing is especially suitable for auspicious and blessing products such as Buddha Cards, god images, lucky cash / gold cash or amulets.

Suitable for everywhere | common and popular

Most of the gold foil embossing products in the markets are made like card, while Holo Solution has modified them to sticker shape which can be attached to personal belongings, carried around, and can also be affixed to vehicles and scooters for good lucks.

Auspicious and festive gifts

Affixed to a red envelop or gift package with good luck and festivity

Color Printing | Gold Foil Embossing

Gold foil embossing mainly uses fine textures to create shading effects. Usually only a single color is applied, but more colorful expressions and more realistic images can be realized if you combine it with color printing.

Packing practice

Transparent PP plastic bag together with a small color printing card is used as substrate to make it look simple and elegant, and customization options are available for other packing requirements.

Public model

Holo Solution has developed its own tooling with various God-image patterns available for customizing customers’ own headline texts.

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