Full Transfer Tamper Evident Seal Sticker

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White Full Transfer Tamper Evident Sticker

The release layer will fully transfer to the attachment after we tear the label from it. Therefore we can insure the label is an original one rather than reused and tampered. There is “VOID OPEN” text on the release layer, and is particularly suitable for original product packaging guarantee.

Transparent anti-tamper label

After applying the transparent anti-tamper label onto a material, only the top film of the label can be lifted off. When the top film is peeled back, a residue will be transferred onto the material, which is very difficult to remove. This type of material is ideal to be printed on, or used to emboss holographic images.

Silver Full Transfer Tamper Evident Sticker

After applying, only the top transparent layer can be peeled off. The silver film will completely transfer onto the material, which is very difficult to remove.

Fragile Tamper Evident Sticker

This sticker has fragile characteristic. It is difficult to tear completely once stuck on. If we try to tear it, it will result in broken edges like eggshell so as to be tamperproof. For this reason, we also call it an eggshell sticker. It can also add hologram security effect on it to be a fragile hologram security and warranty label.

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